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The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is frequently the first responder to an emergency scene. To prepare these providers, a competency-based educational program composed of didactic, clinical, and practical instruction in basic emergency care was developed. This course prepares the EMT to bring expert emergency medical care to victims of acute illness or injury, stabilize their condition, and transport them safely and expeditiously to the hospital.

The EMT typically provides pre-hospital care in a wide variety of circumstances. This course offers basic training in all aspects of emergency medical care in the EMT scope of practice. The EMT is prepared to administer basic life support to victims of emergencies, minimize patient suffering, prevent further injury, and reduce recuperative time. EMT classes are offered at

  • HealthONE EMS in Englewood
  • North Suburban Medical Center (NSMC) in Thornton

Download the EMT Information Packets for both campuses


Applicants to the EMT course must be at least 18 years of age, and provide a copy of a High School diploma/GED. Basic Life Support (BLS) training is required: the Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Section of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment must approve the BLS course (see attached memo). Proof of the Hepatitis B series, Chickenpox (or statement that you have had the Chickenpox illness), MMR, and Tetanus vaccinations must be turned in with application. The first dose of the Hepatitis B series must be administered with acceptance of the application. The second dose must be completed before participation in clinical activities is permitted. Please contact your family doctor for information about how to obtain this vaccination.

HealthONE EMS (Englewood) applicants must provide a copy of a Criminal Background Investigation report, complete an Arapahoe Community College application and a Computer Placement Test (CPT) before they can be accepted into the HealthONE EMS EMT Program. If a Bachelor's degree or higher has been achieved, a copy of the diploma or transcripts will suffice in lieu of the CPT.

North Suburban EMS students may receive credits through Red Rocks Community College.

Please review the specific training center applications packets for complete requirements.

Download the EMT Information Packets for both campuses

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