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    • "I have endured 12 years of high school, 4 years of college for a BS and 4 years of graduate school for a Ph.D. I would rate Chris in the top 5% of instructors that I have ever had."
    • The instructors care about us and our learning of material. They are patient, passionate, and able to push when they have to.
    • Our instructor was excellent. I felt all of the other instructors were great and they all taught me new and different things and prepared me well for the field.
    • ambulance
    • The instructor is terrific, she has a love for this profession and it shows. She also seems to enjoy teaching, is honest and encouraging.
    • Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Some of the best instructors I have ever had!
    • Everyone helped each other. You can tell all the instructors want you to succeed.
    • The best part of the class was learning first hand from a teacher who has knowledge that applies to the class directly.

EMT-Basic Refresher

    • All the instructors have been great. Class was fun and informational.
    • Very knowledgeable and could tell she enjoyed teaching. I like her experience and stories she implemented in training.
    • Kept class moving at a good pace, interesting scenarios, and I learned a lot more stuff.ambulance

    • An excellent instructor. She presented material very well. She was very open to give any additional help and information.

    • My favorite aspect of the course was all the available practice time we had to fine tune our skills and refresh our knowledge.
    • The best part of the class was building onto our knowledge base and expanding my understanding of the material.

"All the instructors have been great. Class was fun and informational."


    • Best of the best.
    • The program met and exceeded my expectations. The instructors took extra time to meet my needs.
    • The best part of the course was knowledgeable instructors with good teaching skills.
    • This program was very informative. The staff was very attentive and responded to all needs and situations.
    • ambulance
    • The educational background and knowledge that is presented and taught is what makes this program the best.
    • Most of the instructors have tons of experience and are great instructors. They are all lots of support to students.
    • There is nothing I could suggest to make this program any better.  The program far exceeded my expectations.  Dennis is such a great educator!
    • Great teachers, instructors, mentors. They made the program.
    • Great instructors. Very knowledgeable in subject matter and always there to help.
    • ambulance

    • The instructors ensure that students comprehended the material and made extra time available if needed.
    • The instructors and this program met and went far beyond my expectations.
    • My favorite part of this program is the fact that all the instructors were accessible and always willing to help. All doors were always open.

Paramedic Refresher

    • The instructors were great! They were very patient and helpful!
    • The instructors were very knowledgeable; they gave clear directions on what is expected.
    • The course is well designed and the class flowed smoothly.
    • The best part of this course is the variety of instructors all speaking on topics in which they are subject matter experts.
    • The instructors are excellent. They taught on an easy to understand level. I was very impressed on the subject material as well as the instructors’ background.
    • This is absolutely the best refresher I have taken over the past 12 years. Thank you!

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